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Rescue Somebody

After all, this is GoTo Rescue.

What's the task?
You’ll initiate a session and control the remote computer.
How long will it take?
Less than five minutes.

Try it yourself...

Start a session
Need a refresher? Go to Start a Session (the big number 1).
Launch remote control
Once the session is Active, click Launch Remote Control Session.

The customer may be prompted to accept or decline your request to control his computer. If so, ask the customer to accept the request.

Don't get dizzy!
Things can get strange when you control the same computer that’s running the Technician Console. It’s best to control another machine, or use a simulator (like VMware).
Mess around!
Need more info?
For detailed information, see How to Remote Control a Customer's Computer.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022