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Move Files Between Computers

What's the task?
You’ll initiate a File Manager session and copy a file to the customer’s computer.
How long will it take?
Less than five minutes.

Try it yourself...

Start a session
Need a refresher? Go to Start a Session (the big number 1).
Start the File Manager
On the Technician Console File Manager tab, click Launch File Manager Session.

The customer may be prompted to accept or decline your request to manage files. If so, ask the customer to accept the request.

Copy a file
Select a file on the left. Drag-and-drop it to the other computer. That’s it. If you prefer, you can select a file and use Transfer > Copy (or simply Ctrl+C) to copy it to the customer’s computer.
Mess around!
Use the File Manager toolbar to work with the customer's files and folders. All other workspace tabs remain available.

To end the File Manager session, click the red X on the File Manager toolbar.

The File Manager window closes, but the session remains active.

Need more info?
There's an entire section of articles about the File Manager including details on each available function and a full list of shortcuts.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022