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Record Your Session

What's the task?
You’ll retrieve system information from the customer’s computer. You’ll learn more about the customer’s machine before launching remote control.
How long will it take?
About five minutes.

Try it yourself...

Start a session
Need a refresher? Go to Start a Session (the big number 1).
Launch remote control
Once the session is Active, click Launch Remote Control Session.

The customer may be prompted to accept or decline your request to control their computer. If so, ask the customer to accept the request.

Start recording
Click the Screen Recording button on the Remote Control toolbar and then Start Screen Recording.
A red dot appears on the button while you're recording.
Stop recording
Click the button again, and select Stop Screen Recording.
View your recording
If you do not specify a screen recording location in the Technician Console or Administration Center, check C:\Windows for your recording.
Tip: The recording location is noted in the session log.
Note: Recorded sessions can be saved as AVI files or in RCREC format. RCREC is a GoTo proprietary format that must be converted to AVI using the Rescue AVI Converter. Each AVI option offers similar file size, with some variations in color and smoothness. Experiment to find the best choice to meet your needs. The GoTo encoder (RASC) is designed to offer the highest overall quality, but requires the GoTo codec for playback.
Want to learn more?
Once you get the fever, you can explore some advanced settings in the Administration Center on the Settings tab. For information, see How to Set up Screen Recording.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022