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Troubleshoot the Customer's Computer

Figure out what’s wrong. Not with the world. Just with the customer’s computer.

What's the task?
You’ll retrieve system information from the customer’s computer. You’ll learn more about the customer’s machine before launching remote control.
How long will it take?
Less than five minutes.

Try it yourself...

Start a session
Need a refresher? Go to Start a Session (the big number 1).
Go to the System Info tab
Once the session is Active, click the Technician Console System Info tab. You’ll see lots of other tabs, like Processes, Services, Applications, and more. Click Request Information on any tab.

The customer may be prompted to accept or decline your request to pull information. If so, ask the customer to accept the request. The info appears on your screen.

Mess around!
The data is read-only. Use it to figure out what might be wrong with the customer’s computer.
Need more info?
There's an entire section of articles about System Information.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022