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Rescue Live Guide - May 28, 2021


Voice Chat (VoIP)
To make the co-browsing digital experience more personal, the agent and the customer can now engage in voice chat leveraging Rescue Live Guide's VoIP capability.

For detailed information about the feature, see Using Voice Chat (VoIP Audio).

Rescue Live Guide - March 30, 2021


Visual Privacy Control Setup
Protect your customers' privacy and sensitive data by configuring button blocking and data masking on co-browsed websites using a convenient visual setup tool that does not require you to have advanced web developer skills (such as working with CSS selectors).

For detailed information, see How to Configure Privacy Control Settings.

Rescue Live Guide - March 18, 2021


URL Based Session Invitation
Agents now have an additional way of inviting a customer for co-browsing. Agents can create a one-time session URL and share it with the customer, who can join the co-browse session by simply clicking the URL. No PIN code needs to be exchanged.

The previously known flow of starting a session via PIN code remains available as the default option.

For more information, see Starting a Rescue Live Guide Co-Browsing Session.

Updates to the Session Experience
  • When the agent leaves a co-browse session, the customer now gets notified about the session getting paused while the agent is disconnected.
  • When a session ends, instead of being redirected to the last co-browsed page, customers can now see a session summary screen, from where they can navigate to the last co-browsed page or see the websites they visited during the session.

Rescue Live Guide - February 15, 2021


Document Share
During a shared browsing session, both the agent and the customer can now upload a document from their device for co-browsing it with the remote participant. The shared document can be scrolled and annotated just like a co-browsed website. Rotating and zooming tools are also available.


Rescue Live Guide - November 4, 2020


Two-Way Video (Webcam)
The customer and the agent can now share their cameras during the co-browse session for face-to-face visual communication.

For detailed information about the feature, see Sharing Cameras during a Session (Two-Way Video).

Rescue Live Guide - September 18, 2020


Reporting Summary
A Live Guide Session Summary view of the past 7 days is now available in the Reporting.
Reporting Displayed in Local Timezone
Date/time Reporting fields are displayed in the local timezone of the user who opened reporting. For detailed information, see Working with Reporting.

Rescue Live Guide - August 6, 2020


Text Highlighter
The Highlighter tool allows agents to highlight any text on the co-browsed website to provide more accurate visual guidance.

Rescue Live Guide - July 8, 2020


Customizable Annotations
Agents can now select the color and width of the annotation line.

Rescue Live Guide - June 17, 2020


Tab Bar and Tab Controls for Customers
Customers can now navigate between tabs on a dedicated tab bar during a co-browse session. Customers can open and close tabs and change the URL of any co-browsed tab.


  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Improved picture quality

Rescue Live Guide - May 28, 2020


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Omnichannel integration
Rescue Live Guide can be added as a co-browse tool to Dynamics 365 Omnichannel Chat. Click here to learn about setting up this integration.

Rescue Live Guide - April 14, 2020


Customizable UI Texts in Multiple Languages
Rescue Live Admins can now modify the default disclaimer text and add custom agent/customer alias in all supported languages.
Language Selector Setting
By default, the language of Live Guide texts is determine based on the visitor's browser language setting. However, if the Language Selector is enabled in the Rescue Live Admin Center, customers can manually select the language of the Live Guide session.

See How to Manage Features and Tools Available to Agents and Customers.

Rescue Live Guide - March 25, 2020


Display Drop-Down Menus to Remote Participant
The content and navigation of drop-down menus is now visible to the remote party.
Session Border
A red border indicates to the customer which part of their screen is being shared.

March 5, 2020

Updated mouse cursor and label design
Redesigned the customer's cursor for better visibility based on accessibility guidelines.
Asking for confirmation when closing a co-browsed tab
In order to prevent accidental termination of a session, confirmation is required from the customer when they are about to close a browser tab with an active Live Guide session.
Fixed an issue where screen sharing did not start in Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers.

January 15, 2020

In-session Chat
Agents and Customers can now engage in a two-way chat during a co-browse session.
Personalization Options
Administrators now have the following options to personalize the support experience:
  • They can customize the Disclaimer displayed to the customer before the start of the session.
  • They can customize the way the Agent's and the Customer's name appear on the screens during co-browse sessions.
Customer facing Rescue Live Guide messages are now displayed in the language selected as the active language of the customer's browser. To learn more about the supported languages, see Rescue Live Guide Language Settings.
Internet Explorer 11 support
IE 11 is now supported on the customer's side.
Granular agent and customer permissions
  • Administrators can allow or disallow agents to click on, or scroll the co-browsed web page, or type in input fields.
  • Administrators can manage access to the copy&paste feature during co-browse sessions for both the agent and the customer.
  • Faster session start
  • Various stability improvements to input fields on mobile devices

October 30, 2019

This is the initial general release of Rescue Live Guide by LogMeIn.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022