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Using Voice Chat (VoIP Audio)

    To make the co-browsing digital experience more personal, the agent and the customer can engage in voice chat leveraging Rescue Live Guide's VoIP capability.

    Note: The availability of this feature depends on a permission granted by a Rescue Live Guide Administrator.

    Browser Requirements

    Voice chat is available in the following browsers:

    Note: We recommend that you use the latest version of a supported browser.
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    Chrome Mobile
    Safari Mobile

    Managing Voice Chat during a Session

    Important: The below procedure describes managing a voice chat from the agent's perspective. The customer can also initiate a voice chat, and the below procedure is directly applicable for that scenario too.
    1. On the session toolbar, click the Enable Voice Chat button.
    2. For the first time you try to use your microphone in the given browser, you are prompted to grant permission to access this device.

      Note: This step is not required for subsequent attempts as long as you use the same browser and the permission is not disabled in your browser settings.

      Result: The sound input device selector is displayed.

    3. Select the microphone you want to use, and click Start voice chat.

      Important: The microphone you choose here cannot be modified later during the session.

      Result: You are notified that your call in progress, while the remote participant is also notified of an incoming call.

    4. In the audio/video widget notifying the remote participant about the incoming call, they should click Accept.

      Note: Voice chat requires mutual consent. The audio connection is only established once the called party also accepts the call.

      Result: The audio/video widget appears for both parties.

      • You can freely reposition the audio/video widget anywhere on the co-browse tab by drag and drop.
      • To mute/unmute your microphone, click the Mute yourself / Unmute yourself button in the widget.

    5. To end the voice chat, simply click the Disable Voice Chat button on the toolbar.

      Tip: You can enable and disable voice chat as many times as you want during a session.