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How to Manage Features and Tools Available to Agents and Customers

Rescue Live Administrators can control what features and tools agents and customers can access during Rescue Live Guide sessions.

Log in to the Rescue Live Admin Center, and click the Live Guide tab in the upper menu bar to manage the following features and tools for agents and customers during Rescue Live Guide sessions.
Tip: Administrators can use the top right menu in the Agent Console as well to reach the Admin Center.
Remember: After you make changes on this page, you will have to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
Agent Click Restriction
Enable this option to disallow clicking on or scrolling the co-browsed web-pages for agents. By default, agents are allowed to click and scroll during a shared browsing session.
Agent Input Restriction
Enable this option to disallow typing in input fields on the co-browsed web-pages for agents. By default, agents are allowed to type in input fields during a shared browsing session.
Clipboard access
Manage access to the copy & paste feature during shared browsing sessions for both the agent and the customer. By default, both the agent and the customer are allowed to use the copy & paste feature.
Two-way video
Allow the agent and/or customer to share their video (webcam) during the co-browse session. One or both parties can share their video and have the option of turning it off at any point.

For detailed information about how the feature works, see Sharing Cameras during a Session (Two-Way Video).

Voice Chat (VoIP)
Enable this option to allow the agent and the customer to establish a VoIP/Audio connection during the co-browse session. Both parties can end the voice chat at any point during a session.

For detailed information about how the feature works, see Using Voice Chat (VoIP Audio).

Session recording
Enable this option to record all shared browsing sessions in your organization. Recordings are available from the Reporting tab of the Agent Console.
Document Share
Allow the agent and/or customer to upload and share a document from their device during a co-browse session. The agent’s permission to download a shared document is controlled by the Document Share - File Download setting below.
Document Share - File Download
Allow participants to download documents uploaded via Document Share.
In-session chat
Enable in-session chat between the agent and the customer. When chat is disabled, the Chat icon is hidden on the session widget.
Display agent name
Show the actual name of the support agent configured in the Admin Center instead of the default Agent denomination on all customer facing screens and labels during sessions. When the agent's name is not available, the value provided in the Custom agent alias field is displayed.
Note: The agent might not be available because, for example they have not started the session yet.
Show disclaimer
By default, a disclaimer is displayed to the customer before they start the co-browsing session. Disable this option to prevent the disclaimer from being displayed.
Display language selector
Display a language selector to the customer at the start of a co-browse session. By using the language selector, customers can change the language of Rescue Live Guide for the given sessions.

This functionality can override the default language selection, which is based on the language selected as the active language in the customer's browser settings.

Domain allowlist

By default, any website can be co-browsed with Rescue Live Guide. By adding one or more values to this page, co-browsing will be limited to the URLs that contain the given value(s).

Example: If you add "", every URL that contains "" will be available for shared browsing, including sub-domains, like "".

If any value is added to the allowlist, non-allowlisted pages cannot be opened during a Rescue Live Guide session. These non-allowlisted pages will still appear in iframes.

Note: You can delete or edit these values later by clicking the Bin or Pencil icon respectively.
Privacy Control Settings
Protect your customers' privacy and sensitive data by configuring button blocking and data masking on co-browsed websites. Button blocking prevents the agent from clicking certain buttons on the website, while data masking hides the customer's sensitive data during sessions.

For detailed information about how to set up button blocking and data masking, see How to Configure Privacy Control Settings.

Session Start
This setting features URLs that are relevant for the Scriptless version of Live Guide.
Co-browse URL
This is a public URL that is unique to your account. Customers need to open this address to start a co-browse session.

If your account does not yet have a custom URL, the Generate URL button is displayed here allowing you to generate a random unique URL.

Important: You cannot change this URL in a self-service manner. If you need to change it, contact your Account Manager, Success Manager, or our Support Team.
Session Start URL
Configure the URL for the website that is opened for co-browsing at the start of a session.
Customization allows Administrators to set custom values for the Disclaimer text, Agent Alias, and Customer Alias fields in case of each language supported by Live Guide. The default values are displayed in the Admin Center for all supported languages, and Administrators can change these for any supported language.
By adding a single line of code to your website, you can provide an integrated user experience to your customers saving them from having to navigate to a separate domain to start the shared browsing session. They can initiate shared browsing directly from your website. For detailed information about this option and the implementation details, see Setting Up Scripted Live Guide.
Remember: Save your change(s) by clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022