Starting a Rescue Live Guide Co-Browsing Session

Start a Rescue Live Guide session to see what your customers see on any website, and provide real-time guided assistance to help them complete digital tasks, such as completing an online application, changing their subscription, or locating a resource.

If your company uses the codeless implementation of Rescue Live Guide, it needs to have its unique and dedicated Rescue Live Guide branded URL registered: [your_domain]

The below procedure assumes that the support agent is already engaged with the customer via phone, chat or other messaging channel to be able to guide them through the steps needed to start the shared browsing session.

  1. To use the Rescue Live Guide agent web console, log in at .
    The LogMeIn Rescue Log in page is displayed.
    Important: Due to security considerations, your Rescue Live Guide account is tied to your Rescue Company ID. This makes sure that agents belonging to a company can only work with Session PIN codes generated uniquely for that given company.
  2. Log in using your Rescue credentials.
    The Rescue Live Guide agent web console is displayed.
  3. Instruct the customer to start the session from any supported browser.

    Codeless Rescue Live Guide
    Instruct the customer to visit your dedicated shared browsing URL.
    Scripted Rescue Live Guide
    Instruct the customer to click the button on your website that is dedicated to starting the shared browsing session.
    Note: For information about the different implementations, see Rescue Live Guide Implementation Options.

    A six-digit PIN code is displayed for the customer.
  4. Ask the customer to tell you the six-digit support PIN code that is displayed to them.
  5. In the Co-browse Support window, click Enter PIN.

    Important: Once a PIN code is generated, it remains valid for starting a session for 15 minutes.

    Start Browsing Together
  6. Enter the session PIN code shared by the customer, then click Connect.
    The Waiting for customer to start session... message is displayed in the agent console, while for the customer the Start Browsing Together button is displayed.
  7. Instruct the customer to click Start Browsing Together.
    The shared browsing session starts.