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Sharing Cameras during a Session (Two-Way Video)

While Rescue Live Guide is just the right tool for a customer and an agent to co-browse a webpage and solve digital tasks remotely, sometimes they can benefit from making the interaction more personal by being able to see each other during the process. The two-way video feature makes this possible by allowing one or both of them to share their webcams.

Note: The availability of this feature depends on a permission granted by a Rescue Live Guide Administrator.

Browser Requirements

Two-way video is available in the following browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
We recommend that you use the latest version of a supported browser.
Two-way video is available in the following browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Samsung Internet Browser
We recommend that you use the latest version of a supported browser.
The latest version of Safari is recommended.
Note: Chrome allows users to see the camera image of the other participant, but sharing one's own camera is NOT supported.

Managing Two-Way Video during a Session

During an active co-browse session, one or both parties can share their webcam, and have the option of turning it off at any point.

  1. On the session toolbar, click the Turn on Camera button.

    Agent camera button

    Customer camera button
  2. For the first time you try to share your camera in the given browser, you are prompted to grant permission to access your camera.
    Note: This step is not required for subsequent attempts as long as you use the same browser and the permission is not disabled in your browser settings.
  3. Select the camera you want to share, and preview how others will see you. When you are ready for the other party to see you, click Share.
    Important: The camera you choose here cannot be modified later during the session.

    Result: The video/audio widget appears for both parties.

    • You can freely reposition the video widget anywhere on the co-browse tab by drag and drop.
    • To resize the video widget, hover over the edge/corner of the widget and drag the opposing arrow.
    • You can collapse/expand the video widget by clicking the Collapse camera/Expand camera button in the widget.
      Remember: If you have shared your camera, the other party will be able to see you even when your widget is collapsed.

  4. To stop sharing your video, simply click the camera button on the toolbar or in the video widget.
    Tip: You can start and stop sharing your camera as many times as you want during a session.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022