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Setting up Click2Fix

    This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

    Click2Fix gives technicians a set of tools for analyzing and resolving the most commonly encountered issues faced by mobile customers.

    • To allow members of a technician group to see the Click2Fix tab, make sure the following permission is enabled in the Administration Center at the group level on the Organization tab:
      • Click2Fix for mobile (enabled by default)
    • To allow technicians to use all Click2Fix widgets, select these additional options:
      • Launch remote control
      • Launch desktop viewing
    • Upload lists of applications to check for upon session start (App Checklist)
    • Upload a file containing firmware requirements and update URLs (Firmware Data)
    • Create and assign packages of access point settings (APN) that technicians can push to customers
    • Upload and assign lists of Web Shortcuts that technicians can push to customers
    Article last updated: 11 January, 2023