What Can the Customer Do?

During a shared browsing session, the following features and tools are available to the customer.

During a shared browsing session, the agent and the customer are sharing control over the page they are co-browsing. This means that both parties have equal control over the mouse, keyboard, and navigation items, and can perform actions simultaneously.

Navigation options
During a co-browse session the customer can use the native buttons and tools offered by the browser from which they started the session.
Handling Tabs for Shared Browsing
The following rules apply to the customer for handling share browsing tabs.
The customer CAN perform the following actions:
  • Close a tab, when more than one shared browsing tab is open.
  • Toggle between shared browsing tabs
The customer CANNOT perform the following actions:
  • They cannot open a new tab for shared browsing.
  • They cannot edit the URL of the page that is currently being co-browsed.
The customer can chat with the agent.
Note: The availability of this feature depends on a permission granted by a Rescue Live Guide Administrator.
Note: URLs sent over chat open in the customer's native browser outside the shared browsing session.
End the session
At any time during co-browsing, the customer can end the session by clicking Stop at the bottom of the browser page.
  1. When the customer clicks the Stop button, the session is first paused only.
    The agent is displayed the Session Paused notification, and they cannot see the customer's browser tab.
    Note: The session is not yet terminated at this point.
  2. The customer can perform either of the following actions.
    • They click End Session, and the session is terminated. The customer is redirected to the actual page where the shared browsing session ended.
    • They click Continue Browsing, and shared browsing is resumed.