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Send Refresh OAuth Token to the LogMeIn Rescue Server

This task must be completed every time the OAuth refresh token expires.

Important: This task must be repeated for every ServiceNow instance to post data to multiple ServiceNow instances from the same LogMeIn Rescue company account.
  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to LogMeIn LogMeIn Rescue > Token Setup.
  2. Select the OAuth application registry created in sub-section Initiate OAuth Security above.
  3. Click Submit.

    Result: This action will automatically send the Refresh Token to the LogMeIn Rescue servers, and point Rescue back to your instance with all necessary security in place. Ensure that the generated ServiceNow request has been completed successfully by reviewing the worknotes in the resulting request item.

  4. If the Request has not completed, contact your ServiceNow System Administrator.
Article last updated: 21 November, 2022