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Configure a local Service-Now Service Account

From this article you can learn about how to configure a local ServiceNow service account.

  1. As a user with a system admin, or user admin role, navigate to User Administration > Users.
  2. Create a new user named similar to LogMeIn Rescue Service Account.
    Note: This service account will be shown as having performed updates to incidents/cases when the integration runs for each session.
  3. Select the Web service access only check box.
    Note: If this field has been removed from your user form, you can return to the user list, personalize the columns in the list to include the field, then list edit the value.
  4. Add the role x_lomei_logmein_re.admin to this user.
  5. Add the role ITIL to this user.
  6. Take note of the user name and password as you will need them in the next step.
  7. Add role x_lomei_logmein_re.admin to those users that you want to have access to the setup menu.
  8. Add role x_lomei_logmein_re.user to those users that you want to have access generate sessions but not have access to the setup menu.
    Note: App instructions can also be found within the Rescue ServiceNow app > Setup instructions or https://(*)(yourinstancename)

    {*}, which should be updated with each major release.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022