LogMeIn Rescue Customization and Integration Overview

This document helps you brand the Calling Card, Rescue Applet, PIN entry form, channel form, and Instant Chat.

It also introduces methods for integrating Rescue with your legacy systems.

Who should read this document?

The pages related to customization are written for a technical audience who have experience in web development. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required.

Where can I learn more about the programming languages I need?

There are numerous tutorials for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming available on the Internet that help you understand and reproduce the examples given in this document. For HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials, visit the website.

What support do I get?

The LogMeIn support team will help you with the following:

  • Support can provide general assistance, overview, and documentation
  • Support can provide best-effort troubleshooting upon implementation of a customized solution

The LogMeIn support team will not be able to provide detailed assistance, as follows:

  • Support cannot provide detailed development support
  • Support cannot write code for customers
  • Support cannot debug customer code

Each customer remains responsible for building, verifying, and debugging its own custom code.