How to Set up the Technician Survey

LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

Administrators can customize and activate a survey to be completed by technicians at the end of a session.

  1. On the Organization Tree, select the Technician Group you want to work with.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Under Technician Survey, select the appropriate options:
    Option Description
    No technician survey Choose No technician survey if you do not want your technicians to complete a survey at session end.
    Use Rescue technician survey Choose Use Rescue technician survey to collect responses using a standard Rescue survey interface. The form can contain up to ten questions, each with five possible predefined answers, or with free-form (open-ended) answers. Technicians will be shown the survey at session end. Survey results are reported in the Technician Survey report, generated on the Reports tab.
    Use self-hosted technician survey Choose Use self-hosted technician survey to redirect technicians to a self-hosted survey or third-party survey tool. Enter the URL of your survey in the URL field. Technicians will be taken to the specified site at session end. In this case, survey data is not reported in the Technician Survey report, but rather using the mechanism native to the self-hosted or third-party survey site.
    Add additional Rescue session details to this URL If you are using a self-hosted or third-party survey, select Add additional Rescue session details to this URL to send the value of the Session ID and Custom Fields to the survey. The survey URL will be appended with the following data:
    These parameters can be used, for example, to map a Rescue report to an external report. Your survey should be coded to accept these parameters in a GET request.
    Note: CField0, CField1, etc. refer to the Name for name field and other Custom Fields set on the Global Settings tab. The actual values passed to the survey are entered when the session is generated.
  4. Click the Edit button next to a question. The Type your question here box is activated.
  5. Type your question.
  6. Choose the question type:
    • open answer
    • drop-down
  7. Select mandatory to force technicians to complete the question.
  8. Select enable to activate the question. The question will be included in the survey.
  9. Click Apply when you are satisfied with the question.
  10. Add more questions as required.
  11. Save your changes.
Tip: To view survey results, go to the Reports tab and generate a Technician Survey report.