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How can I perform Power Actions?

You can learn from this article how to perform power actions from a Intel vPro session.

Before you begin: Power actions are only displayed in the TC when you are logged in with an EMA user that has the required access rights, see How can I add a new Intel EMA Server Configuration?.
  1. Select the Intel vPro device you want to access, and click Connect. For more information how you can select a Intel vPro device, see How can I browse Intel EMA servers for available devices?

    Result: A new Intel vPro session is launched.

  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Select a power action under Power Actions.
    Important: Intel AMT may require user consent for some advanced power operations, see How can I run OOB Management Features that Require User Consent?

    Result: A dialog is displayed with a prompt message.

  4. Select Take action to explicitly confirm performing the respective power action.

    Result: The action is triggered and you get a message on the success or the failure of the action.

Article last updated: 26 October, 2023