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How can I add a new Intel EMA Server Configuration?

You can learn from this article how to add a new Intel EMA server configuration to your Technician Console.

Before you begin: Ensure that you log in as an Administrator or Master Administrator, as the EMA server configuration is exclusively available to these users, and verify that the “Intel vPro” permission is enabled under the Organization tab for the Technician Group in the Administration Center.
  1. In the Tools menu, select Manage Intel EMA Server Configurations.
    Note: The option is available for Rescue Admins only.
  2. Select Add new.
  3. Enter the name of the Intel EMA server into the Name box.
  4. Enter the URL of the Intel EMA server into the Server URL box.
  5. Select the authentication method matching the Intel EMA server.
  6. Optional: Fill in the username and password boxes.
    Note: If no username and password are provided, Rescue will ask for Intel EMA user credentials on the first use and allow to optionally save them in an encrypted form in the user-local registry.


Rescue will have the same level of access and permissions as the Intel EMA user configured:

  • The Intel EMA user must have at least the "Endpoint Group" (or more privileged) role to access provisioned devices
  • The Intel EMA user can only access devices of Intel EMA endpoint groups they are members of
  • The Intel EMA user must be a member of an Intel EMA user group with sufficient access rights in order to perform any state-changing operations on the device (like executing power actions):
    • until Intel EMA v.1.10: the user group must have "Execute" access right
    • from Intel EMA v.1.11: the user group must have at least the "Hardware Manageability" and "Power Operation" access rights
Article last updated: 26 October, 2023