Starting a Rescue Lens Session from the Technician Console by PIN

Restriction: A technician can handle only one active Lens session at a time.
  1. Log in to the Technician Console.
  2. On the Session toolbar, click New Session.


    The Create New Session window is displayed.

  3. Type the customer's name or identifier in the Name field.

    Result: This name is shown on the Active Session tab and Session List.

  4. Select the PIN Code tab.
  5. Click Create PIN Code.

    Result: A 6-digit PIN code is generated and displayed in the Create New Session window and in the Session Log.

  6. Ask the customer to launch the Rescue Lens app, available on Google Play or the App Store.

    Important: Make sure the app the customer is using is the Rescue Lens app and not the Rescue+Mobile app.
    The customer may see a tutorial. They can tap Skip or OK.

  7. The customer is prompted to grant access to the device camera and microphone. Ask them to tap OK.
  8. Ask the customer to enter the PIN.

    Result: At this point the camera image may already be displayed on the customer's mobile device, but nothing is streamed to the Technician Console.

  9. Ask the customer to accept the End-User License Agreement.

    Result: The session appears in the Technician Console.

  10. Pick up the session by selecting it in the Session list and clicking Start.


    The Rescue Lens support session starts; a live video feed is streamed from the camera of the customer's device to the technician. Lens audio enables the customer and technician to communicate via a VoIP connection.