About Rescue Lens

Rescue Lens is LogMeIn's video-enabled support solution with integrated VoIP. With Rescue Lens, customers can use a smartphone to stream secure, live video directly back to service representatives. Support agents can see the issue with their own eyes, enabling them to remotely guide end-users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup, claim reporting and more.

Rescue Lens is available both as a service and as a feature of LogMeIn Rescue. For the latest pricing and subscription options, visit

Important: This guide applies to Rescue Lens subscribers. If you are a LogMeIn Rescue subscriber, visit for information about Lens.
Restriction: A Lens technician can handle only one active Lens session at a time.

Rescue Lens Administration Center – At a Glance

Rescue Lens Administrators use the LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center to configure LogMeIn Rescue Lens for use by support organizations of any size.

The online interface is used by administrators to create other administrators and Technician Groups.