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What is a Label?

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

A label collects all Technician Groups and/or Channels that have been tagged with it, so that organization units can be monitored as an arbitrary group. This helps administrators to monitor their organization along any lines relevant to their operation.

By applying labels, Command Center monitoring is no longer restricted to a single organizational unit.

Figure 1. Labels in the Command Center
Organization units can be assigned more than one label. For example, if a support organization has five Technician Groups (TG1, TG2, TG3, TG4 and TG5), and these work in two geographical areas, an Administrator can create labels such as "Central Europe" (TG1, TG2 and TG3 belong here in this example) and "USA East Coast" (TG4 and TG5 belong here in this example). Also, in this example, this organization supports two departments; therefore, the Administrator will also create two corresponding labels "Finance" (for TG1, TG3 and TG4 in this example) and "Legal" (for TG2 and TG5 in this example). This means that, for example, Technician Group 2 has both label "Central Europe" and label "Legal".
Technician Group Labels
TG1 Central Europe, Finance
TG2 Central Europe, Legal
TG3 Central Europe, Finance
TG4 USA East Coast, Finance
TG5 USA East Coast, Legal
Article last updated: 10 July, 2023