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Task 2.4: Add the Rescue PIN and Rescue Lens PIN buttons, and rescue Logs related list to the Case Layout

On Case Pages, technicians will use the Rescue and Rescue Lens PIN buttons to generate Rescue and Rescue Lens PIN codes via Salesforce.

Before you begin: The information below pertains to Salesforce Classic users.
  1. Go to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, go to Build > Customize > Case > Page Layouts.
  3. Click Edit on the applicable Page Layout.
  4. Rescue PIN and Rescue Lens PIN are in the Buttons section.
  5. Drag them into the Custom Buttons section.
  6. Rescue Logs is located under Related lists.
  7. You can customize the related list fields by double-clicking their tab. If you are using the enhanced page layout editor, you can also click the wrench icon ()
Article last updated: 9 January, 2023