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Task 2.3: Set Up LogMeIn Rescue Post to URL

This enables Rescue session data to be stored in Salesforce at session end.

  1. In Salesforce, in the left navigation menu, go to Develop > Sites.
  2. Under Custom URLs, click Edit.
  3. Click the Site Label to retrieve your unique Secure Web Address.
    When concatenated with /services/apexrest/rescuebygoto/handler/RescueHandleURLPost, this becomes the URL to which data will be posted.


  4. Log in to the LogMeIn Rescue as an administrator for your Rescue account.
  5. Open the Administration Center and select the Technician Group you want to configure.
  6. Select the Settings tab.
  7. In the Administration Center, go to Settings tab > Exporting session data section and enter the full URL into the Post session details when session is ended field.
  8. Click Save changes.

How to Manage Private Case Sharing

If in the Setup menu, the Security > Sharing Settings > Default Sharing Settings > Case is set to Private, you must create a sharing rule to allow the Site to modify or append data to the Case.

  1. In Security > Sharing Settings go to Case Sharing Rules.
  2. Click New and select the following options:
    • Select Guest user access, based on criteria under Rule Type
    • Under Criteria create the filter as shown below: Case number not equals [empty]
    • Select the Rescue Integration Guest User under the Share with section.
    • Select Read-only from the Case Access drop-down list
  3. Click Save.
Article last updated: 2 October, 2023