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System Requirements

You can use Rescue Intel vPro with the following version of the Desktop Technician Console in Windows environments.

Rescue Desktop Technician Console
Intel Endpoint Management Assistant server (customer operated)
  • Customers need to operate their own Intel EMA servers: Intel vPro support in Rescue has been tested with Intel EMA v1.9.1.0 -, but we expect it to work with a range of older and newer versions.
  • Intel EMA must be installed to use the "local user" authentication or "domain-based (Active Directory) authentication method (see section " User Authentication" of the Intel EMA "Server Installation and Maintenance Guide")
    • Support for Azure AD authentication is planned with later releases.
    • Domain-based authentication requires the AD domain controller to be configured to allow SSL encrypted LDAP / Global Catalog requests, and the Intel EMA server to have the AD domain controller's SSL certificates in its trust chain. See the Microsoft documentation "Enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party certification authority" for details.
  • Intel EMA (more precisely: the Microsoft IIS web server) must be setup with valid HTTPS certificates that are trusted by the computer running the Technician Console.
    • For Intel EMA servers configured via HTTPS URLs, the Rescue Technician Console will enforce the use of valid HTTPS encrypted connections to the Intel EMA server to ensure no credentials and security sensitive data are leaked.
  • It is recommended to configure the Intel EMA web server "Frontend Storage Type" to use "localStorage", see How can I stay logged in to Intel EMA within the Rescue Technician Console? below.
  • To cover the widest range of use-cases, it is recommended that the Intel EMA server is hosted as publicly reachable server, and Intel vPro devices be Intel AMT-provisioned using CIRA connectivity.
    • Note that provisioned devices need to be "Intel vPro Enterprise" capable in order to support all Intel vPro / Intel AMT features.
  • For further information about Intel EMA, please refer to the extensive documentation on the Intel website.
Rescue Intel vPro installers
Article last updated: 24 October, 2023