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How can I stay logged in to Intel EMA within the Rescue Technician Console?

The Intel EMA web application stores session information in the local session storage of the browser by default, which requires to log in for each new browser tab. You can learn from this article how to make Intel EMA the shared local storage of the browser instead.

  1. Log in to the Intel EMA web application as a global admin user.
  2. Navigate to Server Settings > Web Server > Frontend Storage Type.
  3. Select 'localStorage' from the drop-down menu.

    Result: This allows multiple browser tabs in the same process to share the same session information, and consequently users do not need to log in while the browser is open. Practically for Rescue TC this means that all session views opened from the same Intel EMA server configuration share the same session authentication until all of them get closed.

Article last updated: 24 October, 2023