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Starting a session in the WebConsole

Follow this procedure to connect to a customer using a PIN code.

Technician Starts the Session

  1. Log in to the WebConsole.
  2. On the Session toolbar, click New session.


    The Create New Remote Support window is displayed.

  3. Type the customer's name or identifier in the Name field.

    Result: This name is shown on the Active Session tab and Session List.

  4. Fill in the Service and Phone fields if necessary.
    Note: You can configure the filed names in the Admin Center under Global settings > Custom fields.
  5. Click Generate PIN.

    Result: A 6-digit PIN code is generated and displayed in the Create New Remote Support window and in the Session Log.

  6. Send the PIN to the customer.

Technician Supports the Customer

The session appears in the WebConsole once the customer entered a valid PIN.

Pick up the session by selecting it in the Session list and clicking Start session.


Article last updated: 18 August, 2023