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Reset Two-Step Verification

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

Resetting two-step verification is necessary when a member of the Rescue organization required to use two-step verification needs to reinstall the LastPass Authenticator app.

Examples when reinstalling the Authenticator app is necessary:
  • The user loses their mobile device on which the Authenticator app is installed.
  • The user starts using a new mobile device and has to install another instance of the Authenticator app.
  • The Authenticator app fails, and there is no other way of fixing the issue.
Important: Master Administrators can reset two-step verification for any organization member for whom the feature is enabled, while Administrators can only reset two-step verification for members of the Technician Groups they are assigned to.
  1. Select the Organization tab.
  2. On the Organization Tree, select the member(s) for whom you want to reset two-step verification.
  3. Select Force two-step verification reset then Yes to confirm.
  4. Select Save.
Results: The next time the selected member(s) log in, they are prompted to set up two-step verification.
Article last updated: 30 March, 2023