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How to Enforce Two-Step Verification

    This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

    Master Administrators can add a second layer of protection to their Rescue account by forcing members of their organization to use two-step verification for logging in to Rescue.

    1. Select the Global Settings tab.
    2. Under Two-step verification, select the members of your organization who you want to use two-step verification when logging in to the Rescue website and Desktop Technician Console and when changing their password in either component.
      Important: Administrators with both an administrator and a technician license will be required to use two-step verification if settings apply to them either as an Administrator, or as an affected technician.
      If Members of selected Technician Group(s) is selected under Technicians, make sure to select the Enforce two-step verification checkbox on the Settings tab for the desired Technician Group(s).
    3. Click Save Changes.

      Result: The settings are applied to the selected users in your Rescue organization.

    Article last updated: 30 March, 2023