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Calling Card Setup, Task Three: Apply a Calling Card Installer to a Technician Group

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

The third task in the process of activating a Calling Card is to apply a Calling Card to a Technician Group.

  1. On the Channels tab in the Generate Calling Card for this Channel section, copy the Referral ID of the Calling Card you want to apply.
  2. On the Organization Tree, select the Technician Group you want to work with.
  3. Select the Organization tab.
  4. Scroll to the Apply Calling Card section, and enter the referral ID into the Installer Referral ID field.
  5. Click Save Changes.
Results: Any technician in the Technician Group will be able to deploy the Calling Card via the Technician Console.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022