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Is there a time-out for sessions?

Learn about how long a Rescue Live Guide session can run or wait for remote parties to get started, and what the validity period for a generated PIN code is.

There is no time-out for active/live Rescue Live Guide support sessions. Live sessions will continue until either the agent or the customer receiving support terminates the session.

Session timeout (the time after which a session is automatically closed if the participants do not join) is 15 minutes.

If either remote party accidentally closes the browser tab hosting the Rescue Live Guide session, they have five minutes to use the original session URL/PIN code to rejoin that session. After five minutes, the session times out and gets closed.

Does the PIN Code/Session URL Expire?

Once a PIN Code or Session URL is generated, it remains valid for starting a session for 15 minutes.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022