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What information is available on the General tab?

The General tab displays device specific information. Device information and System Status information are grouped to the left, while hardware related information is displayed on the right.

The Device Information table shows generic device and provisioning information:
  • Device information: shows the hostname of the device
  • Endpoint Group: shows the Intel EMA endpoint group the device is assigned to
  • Intel AMT Profile: shows the Intel AMT profile the device is provisioned with
  • Operating System: shows the operating system of the device
  • Intel EMA Agent: shows the name and version of the Intel EMA Agent
  • Intel ME: shows the Intel Management Engine version and Intel AMT control mode (Client Control Mode, or Admin Control Mode)
  • CIRA selected: shows whether the device has been provisioned for Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA)
  • Intel AMT Setup Status: shows the status of the Intel AMT provisioning state of the device.
  • Interface: shows network interface information.
The System Status table dynamically shows the current state of the device:
  • Name & Domain: shows the name of the device
  • System ID: shows the Intel AMT system ID of the device
  • Power: shows the current power status of the device
  • Connected: shows the in-band connection status of the Intel EMA Agent
  • CIRA: shows the out-of-band connection status of the Intel AMT CIRA connection
The Hardware Information table on the right displays information queried from the device (if available):
  • BIOS information
  • Platform information
  • Baseboard information
Article last updated: 24 October, 2023