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What happens to the LogMeIn Rescue Applet after the session ends?

Once the session for which the Applet was downloaded ends, the Applet cleans up the temporary files it created in the local AppData folder, and closes.

Note: The folder itself remains on the computer, but it will be empty.
Although the Applet itself is not deleted, it cannot be executed again since it was created and tied to the one-time PIN code that was used for that particular session. Any subsequent attempt to run the Applet will fail and indicate that the PIN code has already been used.

Do any files remain on the computer after the session ends?

The following two files are only deleted from the Program Files x86 folder after reboot as part of the standard Windows service cleanup process.
  • LMI_LogMeIn Rescue_srv
  • Rahook.dll

What to do with a stuck Applet?

Under rare circumstances, the LogMeIn Rescue Applet may fail to perform the usual cleanup process at the end of the session. In this case, the Applet keeps launching upon every system startup. For detailed information about deleting a stuck Applet, see How to Remove a Stuck LogMeIn Rescue Applet?.

Do you think you have fallen victim of scammers abusing LogMeIn Rescue?

Use this link to immediately notify us of the suspected scam.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022