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Using the ServiceNow/LogMeIn Rescue Connector

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Technicians follow these steps to take advantage of the ServiceNow/LogMeIn Rescue integration.

Before you begin: The instructions below also apply when using the Case record type.
Note: To be able to use the ServiceNow connector, you must have at least “soap_upate” and “itil” roles.
  1. In ServiceNow, create and save a new incident.
    Important: The incident must be saved in ServiceNow before a LogMeIn Rescue PIN can be generated.
  2. Click Generate LogMeIn Rescue PIN.

    Result: The Generate LogMeIn Rescue PIN window is displayed.

  3. Enter your LogMeIn Rescueuser name and password.
  4. Enter your ServiceNow Password.

    Result: If you enter an invalid ServiceNow password, the PIN is generated, but upon session end the activity log will be emailed to the technician rather than synchronized with ServiceNow.

  5. Click OK.

    Result: A LogMeIn Rescue PIN is generated. Depending on email configuration, the technician receives an email with the PIN and sees a pop-up in ServiceNow, while the customer receives a PIN with a link to create a LogMeIn Rescue session.

    Remember: Receiving an email with the PIN code also depends on related settings on the Settings page of LogMeIn Rescue Integration in ServiceNow. See Configure ServiceNow.

  6. Manage the session in LogMeIn Rescue.

    Result: Upon session end, the following information is synchronized from LogMeIn Rescue to ServiceNow:

    • All chat dialog
    • All session history and actions
    • All information entered into the Notes & History tab during the session

What to do next:
Tip: Refresh the ServiceNow incident to see the synchronized information.
Article last updated: 30 June, 2023