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Task 3.1: Add Permission Sets to a User

You can learn from this article how to add permission sets to a user.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users > Permission Sets.
  2. Select the appropriate Permission Set for LogMeIn Rescue by GoTo from the available options:
    • Rescue Admin Permission Set: Provides the functionality needed for a Rescue admin. Access to see and modify Rescue Settings object.
    • Rescue Integration Permissions: Provides the functionality needed for any Rescue user. PIN generation and access to Case, Rescue Log and Rescue Session objects.
  3. Assign the Permission Set to a User or list of Users.
  4. Click Save.

Configure your Email Template

  1. Navigate to Setup > Email > Classic Email Templates.
  2. Click Edit next to Rescue PIN email.
  3. You can now modify the default email template for sending the pin and link to the customer. You can also edit the email body as per your preferences:
    Important: The annotations {!PIN} and {!PINLINK} are needed to display the pin and link in the email. If you delete them, they will not be sent.
Article last updated: 10 January, 2023