Supporting Android Devices

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

This section summarizes how Rescue+Mobile can be used to support Android devices.

Remember: The actual set of features available to a technician is set at the group level in the Administrator Center.

What devices can be controlled? For detailed information, see LogMeIn Rescue System Requirements

Restriction: Advanced Remote Control is not available for iOS devices. For detailed information, see Supporting iOS Devices.

Rescue+Mobile App for Android

The customer must have the Rescue+Mobile app for Android. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or by following a link sent by the technician during connection.

Connection Methods

  • SMS
  • PIN Code
  • Link and Messaging Tool
  • Email

Click2Fix Tab

The Click2Fix tab gives technicians a set of tools for analyzing and resolving the most commonly encountered issues faced by mobile customers.

The following widgets are available for Rescue sessions with Android devices:

Info and Alert Bar
View basic device info and highlighted issues or action items.
Mobile Network
View mobile network information. Push predefined APN settings.
View basic information about the customer's device (System Version, Baseband number, Build number, IMEI, etc.).
Web Shortcuts
Push icons that give the customer access to web content from their home screen.
View battery details and push settings that help optimize battery utilization.
View and manage a device’s Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi connections.
Direct URL
Send customers predefined or custom URLs, which open in their default browser.
Device View
View a simulation of the customer’s device. With supported devices, technicians can also start a remote control session.
Jump to specific destination on the customer’s mobile device.
View processes and applications running on an Android device, and see how much memory they are using. Kill selected processes and running applications.
View and manage missing or unwanted (flagged) applications.
View configuration information about the email accounts configured in the default email app of the customer's device. Add new accounts.

Customer Display Tab

Launch Remote Control Session
View and control the customer's device. Depending on permissions, the following features may also be available when controlling an Android:
  • Chat
  • White Board
  • Laser Pointer
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Recording
Launch Display Viewing Session
View the customer's device. Depending on permissions, the following features may also be available when controlling an Android:
  • White Board
  • Laser Pointer

System Info Tab

The Dashboard tab provides access to the following information:
  • System Information (OS, Baseband number, Build number, Device model, etc.)
  • Memory Information
  • Wireless and Network Information
  • Battery and Power Consumption Information
  • Storage Information
View and terminate processes running on the customer's device.
View services registered on the customer's device.
View all applications installed on the customer's device; launch and uninstall applications.
View recent events of the customer’s device.

File Manager tab

Transfer files between customer and technician.

History and Notes tab

Add/Edit Notes
Take notes during a session and save them.
History and Notes Capabilities
View the session log and any notes made during the active or past sessions with the current in-session device.