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Miradore Legal Entity and Invoicing Change FAQs

Review important information regarding Miradore's legal entity and invoicing changes.

In September 2022, GoTo completed its acquisition of leading mobile device management company Miradore. While the work required to fully transition operations from Miradore to GoTo continues, beginning on January 1, 2023, Miradore customers will be billed and invoiced from a GoTo entity.

Customers in all other countries where GoTo is available are already billing through a GoTo-branded entity today and will experience no changes.

About Billing and Contracts

Who am I contracting with after January 1, 2023?

Existing Miradore customers will not see a change until your current contract is renewed. Upon renewal, Miradore customers will begin contracting directly with GoTo entities.

Beginning January 1, 2023, all new Miradore customers and users will contract directly with the applicable GoTo contracting entity. Miradore sales team members will be able to support customers with any existing quotes that may already be in progress at the time this change takes effect.

Will there be any immediate changes to my Miradore account or services?

No – Miradore users will continue to receive the same great Miradore product.

What changes should I expect to see on my invoice?

GoTo will be the name listed at the top of the invoice. The relevant GoTo contracting entity will be clearly listed on the top left corner of the invoice. Information regarding these contracting entities can be found under legal contracting entity page.

Invoices will also now be sent from the email address (USA only) and (for the rest of the world).

What will I see on my credit card statement on January 1, 2023?

On your credit card receipt, you will see the following changes:
  • The receipt is issued by GoTo instead of Miradore
  • The appearance of the receipt will be different

What actions will Miradore customers need to take?

Customers may need to adjust systems they use to manage vendor information and/or payment details. United States customers can use the W-9 form.

Additional GoTo vendor details by country can be accessed with the links below:

Does this change impact my current payment method options with Miradore?

Miradore customers will still have access to the same payment methods following this change. However, information such as company name, lockbox information, and banking details have changed.

See below for GoTo vendor details by country:

General Information

Will there be any change to my points of contact at Miradore?

No, customers should experience no changes to their points of contact. Customers will continue to be supported by the same sales representative(s) and can continue to contact our Support team through or create a ticket in the product.

To create a ticket, please log in to your Miradore account and create a ticket by clicking “Contact Us” in the upper right corner.

Why is miradore joining GoTo?

Miradore’s international footprint has grown rapidly in the last few years, and this was a logical move in our growth journey. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a key element for companies that want to enable modern work habits that are not tied to a certain place or time. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Following the close of the deal and integration with GoTo, we will be able to tap into the global network of one of the world’s largest SaaS companies, allowing us to provide more powerful tools and integrations for customers.

Our goal at Miradore has always been to help small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) secure and manage their devices more efficiently, and ultimately enable companies to support modern work where employees can work flexibly anywhere and anytime – with the devices and tools they need.

GoTo’s vision and mission to be SMB’s one-stop-shop for IT needs fits perfectly with Miradore’s goal to save SMBs time and money with MDM. Together, we can provide more powerful tools for SMBs and deliver a stronger, more seamless IT management experience.

Miradore is committed to modernizing device management to work more efficiently and securely so that SMBs can grow their remote workforce while minimizing risk. We’re thrilled to share this vision with GoTo.

What do I need to know about GoTo?

GoTo is a leader in the flexible work and IT support space, and it has made a reputation for itself as an all-in-one business communications and IT support platform through its two flagship products:
  • GoTo Connect – Unified communications platform, including features such as meetings, cloud telephony, messaging, contact center capabilities, and more.
  • GoTo Resolve – IT support and management solution for accessing and monitoring all your devices, including tools such as remote access and support, multi-platform problem solving, conversational ticketing, and advanced zero trust security.
Article last updated: 28 November, 2022