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LogMeIn Rescue requestpin.aspx web service

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This service is called to request a LogMeIn Rescue PIN code with the defined details.

Input Parameters

Element Description
email LogMeIn Rescue target email for Direct Link.
username Application username.
pwd Application password.
authcode The secret authentication code that is used to authenticate the user without logging in to LogMeIn Rescue.
CField0..5 Custom fields.
tracking0 Autotask ticket number, Device ID, Account ID, Integrated Autotask Username, Integrated Autotask Password.

Return Values

Displayed Return Value Description
ERROR An unspecified error occurred, such as timeout.
OK Updating user group properties succeeded.
NOTLOGGEDIN Updating user group properties failed because the current user is no longer logged in.
NOTTECHNICIAN The specified ID is either not the ID of a user node or does not exist.
NOTECHCONSOLERUNNING The name is too long or the field is empty.
OUTOFPINCODES The specified status is incorrect or does not exist.
POLLRATEEXCEEDED The defined permission set of the user are either incorrect or empty.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022