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LogMeIn Rescue atinsert.aspx web service

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This service calls the Autotask API to insert the LogMeIn Rescue Session Data into a ticket in Autotask.

Input Values

Element Description
SessionID LogMeIn Rescue Session ID
TechID LogMeIn Rescue Session Tech ID
TechName LogMeIn Rescue Session Tech Name
SSOID LogMeIn Rescue Session Single Sign on ID
TechDescr LogMeIn Rescue SessionTech Description
Status LogMeIn Rescue Session Status
CField0..5 Customer Information (Account Name, Rep Name, etc…)
ChatLog LogMeIn Rescue Session Chat Log
WaitingTime LogMeIn Rescue Session Waiting Time
PickupTime LogMeIn Rescue Session Pickup Time
ClosingTime LogMeIn Rescue Session Closing Time
tracking0 Autotask ticket number, Device ID, Account ID, Integrated Autotask Username, Integrated Autotask Password

Possible Errors

The following errors may occur during ticket creation:

Ticket creation for alert in Autotask failed <Autotask API error message>
It was not possible to create a ticket in Autotask. The reason for the failure is described in the appended error message.
Resource <username> not found in Autotask
The Autotask user account trying to insert the LogMeIn Rescue session into Autotask was not found.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022