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Link Rescue Back to ServiceNow

    1. Log in to your Rescue account and open the Administration Center.
    2. On the Organization Tree, select the Technician Group you want to work with.
    3. Select the Settings tab.
    4. Set Exporting session data as follows:
      Under Exporting session data type the URL applicable to your Rescue account type in both the Post session details to URL when session is started by technician and the Post session details to URL when session is ended by technician fields:
      • For global accounts:
      • For EU accounts:
      • For Enterprise accounts:
      • For EU Enterprise accounts:
      Note: ?instance=ven01026 identifies the instance query. In this example ven01026 denotes the instance in the address. As of March 2021 the instance query is mandatory when the OAuth token expires and a refresh request is sent to the Rescue Server.

      Result: For Post session details, select as JSON.

      Important: HTML Form parameters and XML data are not supported.

    5. Save your changes.
      • Click Save changes to apply settings to the current Technician Group
      • Click Save changes to subgroups to apply the settings to the current Technician Group and all of its subgroups
      • Click Save settings to all groups to apply the same settings to all Technician Groups in your organization
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022