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Is Rescue Supported on macOS Big Sur?

    Can I support end users who have upgraded to Big Sur using Rescue?
    The customer facing applet is compatible with Big Sur and technicians can provide support to those users who have upgraded.
    What about supporting users who are not admins of their devices?
    Currently it is not possible to elevate a remote session on Mac OS and provide admin credentials via the Technician Console. This means technicians cannot currently provide support to users who do not have admin rights.
    Are there any workarounds to support non-admin users?
    As a temporary workaround Administrators can distribute the Unattended Installer to provide technician initiated support to non-admin users.
    Will I be able to provide support to non-admin users on Mac OS in the future?
    GoTo is working to develop an alternate solution that will allow technicians to support non-admins via the technician in the near future.
    I am a technician who has updated my machine to Big Sur - is the Technician Console compatible?
    Yes. The Technician Console is compatible with Mac OS Big Sur (11.01) You can download the Technician Console from here.
    Is Rescue supported on Macs employing the Apple M1 Chipset?
    Yes. Apple M1 chipsets are fully supported.
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022