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Install the Integration Application

From this article you can learn how to install the integration application.

Note: The Rome release integrated the cases application and the incident application into one app.
This section provides instructions for installing the main integration.
  1. Download the LogMeIn Rescue Integration application.
    1. In the ServiceNow Store, navigate to the ServiceNow listing for LogMeIn Rescue.
    2. Click Get.

      Result: You are prompted to enter your HI credentials.

  2. Install the LogMeIn Rescue Integration application.
    1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance on which you want to install the application.
    2. Navigate to System Application > Applications.
    3. Click the Not Installed tab.
    4. Locate the app, and click Install.

      Result: Your app is automatically installed onto your instance.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022