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How to Monitor Performance Data for a Technician

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

Technicians cannot be accessed directly, but rather through a Technician Group or Channel to which they belong.

  1. In the Command Center, use the drop-down menu to choose the unit that includes the technician who you want to monitor.
  2. In the Table section under the Technicians tab, find the technician's row and click it.

    Result: Monitoring data for the selected technician is displayed in two sections: Overview and Table.

    Tip: Don't see the data you expected? You can set the starting time of the data collection period. See How to Set Monitoring Data Collection Time Period.

  3. Review data in the Overview section.
    Data pertain to the selected technician.
    • Status (Technicians)
    • Service Level
    • Capacity (Total, Available, Used)
    • Closed session count
    • Running session count
    • Waiting session count
    • Incoming session count
    • Outgoing session count
    • Wait time average
    • Wait time max
    • Handling time average
    Tip: For definitions, see Command Center Terms and Definitions.
  4. Review data in the Table section.

    Result: Under the Sessions tab, you can view detailed data about each channel and private session handled by the selected technician.

    • Technician
    • Wait time
    • First chat time
    • Handling time
    • Wrap time
    • Session status
    • Custom column (as defined under Settings)
    • Channel
    • Transferring from/to
    • Session ID
    • Chat monitor
    Tip: For definitions, see Command Center Terms and Definitions.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022