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How to Delete Chatlogs

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

If sensitive information is communicated during a session, Master Administrators can choose to delete a session's chatlog, thereby excluding sensitive data from the Chatlog report.

  1. When logged in as a Master Administrator, go to Organization Tree and select an organizational unit.
  2. Select the Reports tab.
  3. Under Report Area, select Chatlog.
  4. Find the sessions with chatlogs you want to delete:
    • Option 1. If you need to delete the chatlog for multiple sessions or do not know the exact Session ID, you should first generate the Chatlog report in HTML format. For step-by-step instructions, see How to Generate a Report.
    • Option 2. If you already know the Session ID of a single session, enter it in the Session ID field and click Find.
  5. In the Delete column, click the trash can icon for each appropriate session.

    Result: The chatlog for each selected session is queued for deletion. Chatlogs are not deleted immediately.

    Tip: If you change your mind, you can revoke any deletion within 24 hours by clicking this icon in the Delete column.

Results: Chatlogs are deleted 24 hours from the moment they are queued for deletion. Pending deletions are reported in the Chatlog report; deleted chatlogs are not.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022