How to Synchronize a Rescue Technician Group with Active Directory

    Master Account Holders can import Active Directory users as Rescue technicians into their organization. Key user data in Rescue will be automatically updated when those change in Active Directory.

    1. Generate a service token and default password for new users in the Admin Center.
      1. Select the Global Settings tab.
      2. To generate a service token, click Generate and Copy under Active Directory Synchronization.

        Result: A service token is generated and copied to your clipboard.

      3. Define the default password you want your new technicians to use for their first login.

        Note: Users are required to change this password upon their first login.

    2. Download and extract the server application.
      1. In the Rescue Administration Center, under Active Directory Synchronization, click Download to download the service installer.

        Result: The service installer is downloaded to your computer in a zip file.

      2. Extract the zip file to a folder.
    3. Run the server application, and configure synchronization behavior.

      Important: You need privileges to run the application as a system service. The computer running the application must be connected to Active Directory with sufficient permissions to access and query all Active Directory groups and users.

      1. Submit the following credentials:

        • Master Account Holder Rescue credentials
          • Email
          • Password
        • The service token you previously generated on the Global Settings tab of the Admin Center.

      2. Click Next to run ADService.exe.

        Note: The application runs in Admin mode.

      3. Enter the Active Directory domain from which you want to import users, and click Next.
      4. Select the source and destination groups.

        • The Active Directory group from which you want to import users/data.
        • The Rescue Technician Group to which you want to add users/data.

        Result: The service application is installed as a windows service provisioning users belonging to the selected Active Directory group to the selected Rescue Technician Groups.

        The following user data is synchronized from Active Directory to Rescue both during initial provisioning of users and subsequently upon changes in Active Directory:

        • Name
        • Email
        • Status
        Restriction: It is not possible to delete a technician from the Rescue Admin Center by using the Active Directory synchronization service. When a user is deleted or moved in Active Directory, the corresponding Rescue technician is disabled.
        Note: If a technician is moved to another Rescue Technician Group, subsequent synchronization will only update the user's status, but will not move the user back to its initial synchronization group.
        Note: If a user is disabled, deleted, or moved in Active Directory, the technician's mobile license is freed up, and becomes available for other members of the Rescue organization.
        Tip: If the synchronization service fails, you can get an error log by clicking Active Directory Logger at the bottom of the Active Directory Synchronization section on the Global Settings tab of the Admin Center.