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Configuring Zendesk

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You can learn from this article how to configure Zendesk.

Before you begin:

Make sure you have a Zendesk API key. See Creating an API key for LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk for further details.

  1. In Zendesk, click Manage () at the bottom of the sidebar and then click the Browse link under Apps.
    Restriction: You must be a Zendesk administrator to install and configure the LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk.
  2. Hover over the GoTo Rescue app and click Install.
  3. Enter a Title for the app.

    Result: The title appears in the Apps tray on ticket pages.

  4. Paste the Zendesk API key.
    Tip: Don't have a Zendesk API key? See Creating an API key for LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk.
  5. Optional: To post the details of remote sessions as public comments in the tickets, click Enable public comments.
    Session details are displayed as private comments by default.
  6. Enter any Tags you'd like to set on tickets with the remote sessions details.
  7. Select Install.

Once installed, the app appears on the right side of the ticket interface. If you don't see the app, click Refresh in the top-right corner of the Apps tray.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022