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About the Technician Console Chat Panel

    This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

    Use the Chat panel to communicate with customers during active sessions.

    Unless you are in Collaboration mode, chat sessions are limited to two participants: the technician and the customer.

    The Chat panel consists of the following elements.
    Session controls
    Session Controls

    Click the tab of any session you want to work with. Click a down arrow to minimize a session. Click an X to close a session. Click a right arrow to restore a minimized chat session.

    Screen Share button
    Screen Share button

    Click the Share Screen icon to share your screen with a customer.

    Invite Technician button
    Invite technician button

    Click the Invite Technician icon to collaborate with other technicians.

    This option is available if the agent's Technician Group has permission to use the Collaboration feature and at least one other technician is online and available.

    Chat Enabled/Disabled buttons
    Chat enabled Chat disabled

    This option is available if the agent's Technician Group has permission to use the Enable/Disable Chat feature.

    Log area
    Log area

    The Log area shows the chat conversation and also other activities, such as status changes and connection messages

    Text Input box
    Chat text input box

    Use the Text Input box to type messages and view input before you send it to the customer. If you do not see the Text Input box, chat may be disabled for your account (check with your administrator for more information).

    View Chat Panel in Fullscreen Mode

    When viewing the customer's computer in fullscreen mode, click the Show chat window button to see the Chat panel without toggling between windows.
    Send File button
    Send File button

    Click the Send File button to send a single file to the customer. This option is not available during Instant Chat in chat-only mode.

    Push URL button
    Push URL button

    Allows you to push a URL to the customer. Type the URL into the text input field and then send it to the customer by clicking URL. For Applet-based sessions, the website automatically opens on the customer’s machine. For Instant Chat in Chat-only mode, the customer must click a link. See About Predefined Replies and URLs.

    Predefined Replies
    Predefined Replies button

    Allows you to choose from a list of frequently used messages and URLs. See About Predefined Replies and URLs.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022