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About the Calling Card Connection Method

The GoTo Rescue Calling Card allows for both Channel and Private connections.

When your customers need support, they simply click the Calling Card icon to open your branded Calling Card Applet.

Unlike other connection methods, the Calling Card needs to be installed on the customer's PC before it can be used. It exists as a desktop shortcut or Quick Launch icon, which the customer clicks to launch the pre-installed Calling Card Applet.

The Calling Card can be downloaded as an MSI installer, or on Mac as a .zip file, from your website, or it can be silently deployed by technicians during the first Rescue session with the customer, using the Technician Console.

The Calling Card can be customized in appearance; including text, logos, images, and color schemes. For advanced Calling Card customization options, see Customizing the Calling Card.

Note: The GoTo123 app available through the Microsoft Store offers a limited set of the Calling Card functionalities for Windows 10S. For detailed information, see the related Release Notes.

Process Overview: Calling Card

  • A Rescue Administrator generates Calling Card Installers for channels in the Administration Center
  • A Rescue Administrator allows Calling Card deployment for Technician Groups
  • A Rescue Administrator associates Calling Card Installers with Technician Groups
  • Optional: Rescue Administrators may customize the Calling Card's appearance
  • Customers download the Calling Card application or it is deployed by technicians via the Technician Console
  • A customer opens the Calling Card and connects to your organization using a PIN provided by a specific technician or via the channel associated with the Calling Card
  • The support session is assigned to the individual technician who provided the PIN, or to the Channel Queue of the Technician Group(s) associated with the channel
  • The individual technician or any online technician in an assigned Technician Group can activate the support session

Benefits of Calling Card Connection

  • Once the Calling Card is installed, it offers an easy, one-click, no-download connection
  • Branding allows you to extend your corporate appearance right to the customer’s desktop
  • The layout can be dynamically changed, for example to announce special offers and marketing messages
  • Each Calling Card is linked to a channel
Points to consider:
  • Customers may try to connect 24 hours a day, so Rescue Administrators must use 'No Technician Available' settings to deal with connections made outside of business hours
  • When customers are initiating session requests, Rescue Administrators must use dynamic channel and team re-routing to control traffic during peak hours
  • Web developer and/or graphic design resources may be required for customization and integration
Article last updated: 5 January, 2023