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Why is my Rescue session logging itself out in Internet Explorer 8?


    Your Rescue session logs out whenever you log off a different website (i.e. Facebook or Outlook Web) in a separate tab/window in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).


    The issue is due to IE8's session handling. The browser handles all other tabs and windows in a single session.


    Option 1

    Running Rescue in a separate IE8 session:

    1. Open Internet Explorer 8.
    2. Click File menu (Alt+F) > New Session. A new window will appear.
    3. In this new window, sign into Rescue at
    Important: Make sure you only use this new window for your Rescue session. This will keep it separate from other websites that may interfere.
    Option 2
    Use the Firefox browser available at:
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022