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What is LAN Scan?

    LAN Scan?

    With Rescue's Connect on LAN feature, you are able to scan your local area network. The technician receives a list of accessible devices on the LAN. The list provides information about the following attributes of the device:

    • Computer name
    • Description
    • Workgroup
    • Platform
    • IP addresses
    Note: Currently, connect on LAN is not Mac compatible.


    LAN scan is triggered when the technician either opens the Computers dialog the first time or clicks Refresh on the Connect On LAN tab. In either case, the Technician Console searches the LAN for domains and workgroups and detects devices in them. Technician Console then retrieves information about the devices and displays them in the Connect On LAN tab. This LAN scan procedure uses Windows NetBIOS, via ports 137-139.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022