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What has Changed with the Enterprise PIN Page?

    Non-enterprise users may be presented with the following error when using for pin entry:

    This site only supports Pin codes generated for enterprise companies

    Why am I seeing this error? is reserved for Rescue accounts that have the Enterprise domain enabled.
    This only started happening recently - why the change? was always intended for our Enterprise customers, however we were made aware that non-enterprise users were able to successfully submit pin codes on this site. On 9/24/2020 we released a fix to correct this issue.
    What other sites can I use to establish support sessions?
    Our standard pin entry sites remain available for non-enterprise accounts:
    Note: Alternatively you can host the pin entry form on your own domain by following these instructions
    What are the benefits of an Enterprise account?
    An Enterprise account provides a fully separate domain from the standard Rescue domain that is enabled by GoTo on a per account basis. When enabled, the Enterprise Domain allows organizations to block traffic from all 'public' Rescue domains and related sub-domains at your firewall, allowing only the Rescue Enterprise domain traffic to pass.
    How can I become an Enterprise account?
    To be considered an Enterprise account, customers must meet a certain financial threshold, be assigned a Success Representative and be vetted as a valid business. If you would like to enable the enterprise specific domain, contact your Success Representative.
    I don't qualify for the Enterprise domain, but need it enabled for another reason crucial to my business - what can I do?
    GoTo will review request to be considered for the Enterprise domain on a case by case basis. Contact GoTo support for further information.
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022