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What Can the Customer Do?

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

During a LogMeIn Rescue Lens session, the customer can perform the following actions.

Lens as experienced by the customer

The customer can chat with the technician. The customer can extend and minimize the chat dialogue on the screen of the mobile device by swiping up or down.
The customer can Disconnect at any time during the session.
Pause streaming
The customer can Pause streaming at any time during the session.

When the customer taps Pause streaming, only the camera stream is stopped, the support session stays Active in the Technician Console.

The camera stream is also paused when the LogMeIn Rescue Lens goes to the background.

Mute/Unmute audio
For Lens sessions using audio, the customer can mute their microphone.
Important: The Lens audio connection is automatically muted in case of an incoming call to the customer's device.
Turn on flashlight
When working in a dark environment, the customer can tap this button to activate their device's flashlight.
Restriction: On Android devices, flashlight is only available during an active camera stream.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022